Japanese tea ceremony in Kyto, Japan with fellow digital nomads

So much attention to detail!

On the bullet train heading from Kyoto to Tokyo. It was a big blur!

220 MPH and you wouldn't even know it!

The famous Robot Show in Tokyo, Japan

What a hoot! 

Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan, the Northern most island

Fresh powder every day. Was so impressed !

The rogue toe warmer gave me serious burns on two toes. Didn't stop me from skiing the next day!

I was in and out of the hospital in under an hour for minimal cost. I love the Japanese people for their efficiency and culture of respect. 

Sharing the vegan message in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

The privilege of a lifetime

Walking through a pachinko parlor in Kyoto, Japan

Crazy noisy!

Buddhist monks in Kyoto

Not sure what they were doing...

Side tripping in Singapore

Singapore has a great China Town. After all, the population is 75% Chinese. 

Red Cars in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For very cheap they will take you around town sharing the ride with other passengers.

Wildflower Home in Chiang May, Thailand

This is the shelter for young mothers where I educated them on raw sprouts. We spent several days helping around the property with whatever was needed. 

Diving the Andaman Islands of Thailand

Thailand was my 18th water column as I approached 700 logged dives. 

Here in Kuala Lampur getting my daily foot massage

Massage were a daily thing for me in Asia. Very reasonable!


Check out this great video

Mountainside of Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its natural beauty. 

Dr. Will Tuttle speaks with the press, Mumbai, India (my side trip, vegan speaking tour)

Check out this great video

Lady begs while we are stopped at light

So much poverty in India

The boys who gave me their WhatsApp number!

Traveling through India from one speaking engagement to the next...Truly great moment when these boys flashed me their WhatsApp number and I sent them this boomerang !